Hammer Nutrition Gels + Perpetuem

In all my training and racing I’ve tried out plenty of brands of energy drinks, powders, gels, bars, etc. I have to say that (so far) my favourite two energy products are:

1. Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem – “Caffe Late” flavour

This is a powder you mix with water that is effectively a replacement for energy gels. It’s a super-packed energy drink full of carbohydrates and proteins that keep me ticking. It’s purposely designed to provide reliable long-lasting energy for endurance sports. Plus – the caffe latte flavour contains caffeine, (big positive for me) and actually tastes like a delicious latte. Did I mention that its gluten free, contains no simple sugars, and is vegan certified? The best.

2. Hammer Nutrition Energy Gels – Peanut Butter flavour

Most energy gelsĀ have flavours and textures that make me cringe. But not the peanut butter flavoured energy gel from Hammer. Its texture and flavour are almost identical to an actual creamy peanut butter. So for once in my life, a gel tastes like “real” food. Aside from taste, I’ve noticed that other gels leave me with an upset stomach after one too many, with an almost “chemical burn” feel. Hammer gels have never done this to me, and I suspect it has something to do with their commitment to using real, wholesome ingredients.

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