Races 2012 & 2014

In 2012 I spent an entire spring and summer running. I decided to commit myself to one BIG race – the Canadian Death Race. This 125km trail race takes you over three mountain summits with a total elevation change of over 17,000 feet. Appropriately named, this race is seriously a leg killer, with steep climbs and descents on very technical terrain. I trained hard and raced hard, but in the end I had to DNF. At about the 70km mark I was experiencing excruciating pain in one of my knees and couldn’t bear it any longer. Fortunately it turned out to not be a serious injury, but my experience was crazy enough that I decided to just run recreationally in 2013.


In the summer of 2014 I was ready to race again.

I signed up for the Trailstoke 60km race from 5Peaks with two other powerhouse ladies. We called our team “Chafing The Dream”. Mallory ran the first 15km all uphill, I ran the middle ~30km* section, and Meghan ran the final 15km all downhill. In the end we had a TON of fun, and ended up placing 2nd overall for an all-female team. This race involved some seriously tough “mountain running” style of terrain that was mostly off trail.

IMG_20140719_054940  IMG_20140719_125537
*Due to some poor weather and a bit too much snow on the course the race organizers ended up shortening my section, but I am not sure by how much.

The real gem of my summer was the Squamish 50. I signed up to run the 50km version of the race. Leading up to the race almost everything I did every day helped to prepare me for this race. I watched what I consumed, I cross-trained, and I packed in some serious mileage prior to race day. All the prep work was well worth it. This track was one of the most fun runs I’ve ever participated in! The forest was lush and magical, and the views were breathtaking. The trail wound around quick corners and up and down fun climbs and descents. The downhills on this course were particularly awesome and I FLEW down even the most techy parts with precision; so zoned in. I won’t say my time was the best.. coming in at 9:01 I ended up running a lot slower than hoped. The heat of the day really impacted me as I wasn’t used to running in hot, humid temperatures. So the loss of fluid led to some bad muscle cramping. But while I didn’t set any records that day, I thoroughly enjoyed my time of the course, and I’m really glad I finished at all, considering the cramping!

IMG_20140816_191600  IMG_20140818_184433 10600379_10100178511359807_8137019066532720888_n (2)


I definitely intend to run more ultra-marathons in the future!

Happy Bagging.

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