The Backpack With Legs

My 70L Osprey Backpack is literally the best backpack, ever.


This backpack has taken me thousands and thousands of kilometers on foot, ski, plane, train, boat, bus and bike. After 5 years of rigorous abuse, I’ve only busted one zipper and gotten the pack somewhat dirty. Otherwise this giant bag has stood up to all kinds of mistreatment and is still in great operating condition.

The Xenon 70 (which I’m sure has been replaced by newer models now) is the most comfortable pack I’ve ever used, featuring fully adjustable padded straps, including a heat-molded waist strap fitted to my hips. This backpack has stretch pockets and straps exactly where you need them. I’m always finding new uses for my bag and every time I try to attach something new (skis, crampons, shovels, etc.) there is always some perfectly placed strap or elastic that has been positioned with intention. At 70L I can fit absolutely everything I need to inside the bag, plus attach even more to the outside, if need be. It even includes a hydration system. Whoever designed this pack did so with many uses in mind. And at just over 5 pounds, this bag doesn’t even weigh too much for all the features it comes with. Thanks Osprey.

Anyway the moral of the story is that Osprey makes OUTSTANDING backpacks. This one (and every other pack I’ve ever tried from Osprey) gets 5 out of 5 stars. Call me a brand whore. I won’t buy anything else.

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